There are two ways to extract digital assets from a merchant account. The first is to transfer funds to other merchants in the background of the login merchant. Another way is to automatically transfer funds to other addresses through the API interface.

What is the API batch payouts?

Digital currency can be automatically transferred from a merchant account to multiple wallet addresses via the API bulk payment interface. This API batch payment is designed to quickly and easily pay wages, commissions, refunds, bonuses or company expenses to multiple accounts.

Steps to set up and start API payment

In the merchant backend, you can configure the amount of API payout for each wallet individually. In the list of wallets, select a digital asset and click on [API Generation] on the right.

In the API generation function, you can enable the API payment function by setting a number of generations greater than 0. Conversely, if you want to disable the API generation, you can change the number of generations to 0.

Total Withdrawable Assets = Withdrawal Wallet Balance + API payout Balance

Note: The number of APIs sent can't exceed the amount of cash withdrawals available.

Technology integration API payment interface

Integrate the DizPay API proxy interface in the app or website, and keep the API proxy number greater than 0 to automatically transfer funds through the API.

Safety Tip: The merchant side adds the risk control function. Only the approved order will actually call the API proxy interface to ensure the security of funds. In addition, AppKey recommends periodic replacement to prevent hackers from gaining access to APIs.
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